Volume 13, 2016

How Important is the Educational Capital of Chief Financial Officers? An Examination of Educational Credentials in the Context of Other Attributes
R. Drew Sellers, Kent State University
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University
Larry M. Parker, Case Western Reserve University

How Do Transfer Students in Accounting Compare Academically to "Native" Students?
Maria S. Domingo, The College of New Jersey
Hossein Nouri, The College of New Jersey

Giving Voice to Values: A New Approach to Accounting Ethics Education
Steven Mintz, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo

Volume 12, 2015

Does Technology Affect Student Performance
Cindi Khanlarian, Concord University
Rahul Singh, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Recruitment and Selection of Accounting Faculty in a Difficult Market
Steven C. Hunt, Western Illinois University
Keith T. Jones, University of North Alabama

Understanding Students' Major Choice in Accounting: An Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action
Arsen Djatej, Eastern Washington University
Yining Chen, Western Kentucky University
Scott Eriksen, Colorado State University - Pueblo
Duanning Zhou, Eastern Washington University

Course Scheduling and Student Learning: An Empirical Investigation
Kimberly Dunn, Florida Atlantic University
Karen Hooks, Florida Atlantic University

An Examination of Learning Outcomes Between Local and International Chinese Students: Evidence from an Australian Accounting Program
Parmod Chand, Macquarie University
Esther Cheung, Macquarie University
Lorne Cummings, Macquarie University

Influential Global Perspectives on Accounting Education Articles, Authors, and University Faculties: A Citation Analysis
Daryl M. Guffey, Clemson University

An Examination of Pass Rates for Candidates Without Advanced Degrees on the Computerized Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)-Accredited vs. Unaccredited Institutions
Hossein Nouri, The College of New Jersey
Gerald J. Miller, The College of New Jersey

Are Course Grades and Faculty Intuition Predictors of Success on Professional Accounting Exams?
Camillo Lento, Lakehead University
Naqi Sayed, Lakehead University

Volume 11, 2014

Revisting the Determinants of Student Performance in an Undergraduate Accountancy Degree Programme in Singapore
Poh-Sun Seow, Singapore Management University
Gary Pan, Singapore Management University
Joanne Tay, Singapore Management University

Hyperbolic Browser for ERP Accounting System Pedagogy and Curriculum Management
Zane L. Swanson, University of Central Oklahoma

Active Learning and Assessment: A Student Guide to Using Concept Mapping in Financial Accounting
Jayne D. Maas, Winthrop University
Bruce A. Leauby, LaSalle University

The Accounting Ethics Course Reconsidered
William Miller, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
D'Arcy Becker, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Aimee Persteiner, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Ranking Accounting-Education Authors From Four Countries: A 20-Year Study From 1993 Through 2012
Taylor L. Delande, Roger Williams University
Richard A. Bernardi, Roger Williams University
Kimerly A. Zamojcin, Roger Williams University

Volume 10, 2013

Are Students Ready for their Future Accounting Careers? Insights from Observed Perception Gaps among Employers, Interns, and Alumni
Shaokum (Carol) Yu, Northern Illinois University
Natalie Tatiana Churyk, Northern Illinois University
Amy (Chun-Chia) Chang, San Francisco State University

An Empirical Analysis of Faculty Recruiting by Non-Doctoral Programs in Accounting
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University
Brian Hogan, Northeastern University

Using Modern Business Practice to Enhance the Learning Process in the Introductory Accounting Course
Hubert Glover, Drexel University
Iny Hwang, Seoul National University

Disparate Methods of Combining Test and Assignment Scores into Course Grades
Daniel Tinkelman, Hofstra University
Elizabeth Venuti, Hofstra University
Linda Schain, Hofstra University

Contract Structuring Under the New Lease Accounting Rules: The Case of the Custom Design Retail, Inc.
Scott Moore, John Carroll University
Albert Nagy, John Carroll University

SOX Exemption and the True Cost of Internal Controls in Small Companies: The Case of Koss
Nandini Chandar, Rider University
Maria H. Sanchez, Rider University

Class Selection Preferences of African-American Millennial Business School Students: A Study of Student Characteristics
Salma Ibrahim, Kingston University
Allen Schick, Morgan State University
Bilal Makkawi, Morgan State University

Mary Foster, Morgan State University

A Comparative Study of What Accounting Employers in the United States and Hong Kong Expect: Implications for Curriculum and Pedagogical Design
Theodore T. Y. Chen, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Leveling the Playing Field: Can Students Succeed in Highly Technical Business Courses Devlivered Online?
Cathy Zishang Liu, University of Houston - Downtown
Beverly J. Rowe, University of Houston - Downtown
Randy Serrett, University of Houston - Downtown
Margaret L. Shelton, University of Saint Thomas - Texas

Volume 9, 2012

A Reevaluation And Extension of the Motivation and Cheating Model
Kenneth J. Smith, Salisbury University
Patricia L. Derrick, Salisbury University
Herman Manakyan, Salisbury University

Does Cognitive Style Affect Performance on Accounting Examination Questions?
Stuart H. Jones, University of Calgary
Michael Wright, University of Calgary

Volume 8, 2011

Wrigley's Dual-Class Equity Strategy
Scott Eriksen, Colorado State University-Pueblo
Bruce Busta, St. Cloud State University

Effect of Cognitive Style on Performance in Introductory Financial Accounting and the Decision to Major in Accounting
Stuart H. Jones, University of Calgary
Michael Wright, University of Calgary

Why Use Multiple-Choice Questions on Accounting Certification Examinations?
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada
William E. Keuchler, University of Nevada
Arline Savage, California Polytechnic State University
Debra Stiver, University of Nevada

Adding Value to the Master of Accounting Curriculum Through an International Travel Experience
Susan Lee Taylor, Belmont University
Jane B. Finley, Belmont University

Myth, Paradigms and Academic Accounting Research:
A Comment on "Reading and Understanding Academic
Research in Accounting" (Gordon and Porter, 2009)

Alan J. Richardson, York University

The US SEC's Case Against National Century Financial Enterprises' Auditors: The Danger in Using Management Representations as Sufficient Appropriate Audit Evidence
Kim Capriotti, Jacksonville University
Jill M. D'Aquila, Jacksonville, University

The Research Project Course: A Model for Bringing Accounting Research into the Classroom
Gary M. Entwistle, University of Saskatchewan


Volume 7, 2010

Controls on Casino Transaction Kiosks at Great Mountain
Casino: A Case Study

John Corless, Sacramento State University
Hugh Pforsich, Sacramento State University

Using Judgment to Measure the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
Catherine A. Finger, Saint Mary's College of California

Undergraduate Preparation and Dissertation Methodologies of Accounting PhDs Over the Past 40 Years
Marvin Bouillon, Central Washington University
Sue Ravenscroft, Iowa State University

Student Perceptions of Oral Communications Requirements in the Accounting Profession
Elsie Ameen, Sam Houston State University
Cynthia Jackson, Northeastern University
Charles Malgwi, Bentley Univeristy


Volume 6, 2009

How Divergent Are Pedagogical Views toward the Fraud/Forensic Accounting Curriculum?
G. Stevenson Smith, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
D. Larry Crumbley, Louisiana State University

Reading and Understanding Academic Research in Accounting: A Guide for Students
Teresa P. Gordon, University of Idaho
Jason C. Porter, University of Idaho

Detail Plus Inc. (DPI) - Auditing the Income Taxes of a Family Owned Business in the Caribbean
Doug Kalensnikoff, University of Saskatchewan
Fred Phillips, University of Saskatchewan

Student Perceptions of Faculty Instructional Value-Added: A New Measure and Exploratory Empirical Evidence
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University
Brian Hogan, Northeastern University

Jones Company: A Case on Corporate Governance, SOX and Audit Committee Protocol
Dave Ripka, St. Cloud State University
Bruce Busta, St. Cloud State University

A Financial Statement Analysis Project for Introductory Financial Accounting
Marilyn B. Misch, Pepperdine University
Carolyn A. Galantine, Pepperdine University

Volume 5, 2008

Establishing an Internal Audit Department: The Case of the Schwan Food Company
Hugh Pforsich, California State University - Sacramento
Bonita K. Peterson Kramer, Montana State University

G. Randolph Just

First Motors Corporation: A Classroom Case on Impairments
Tim Krumwiede, Bryant University
Emily Giannini, Bryant University

Teranga West Africa: Building Business Controls in a Developing Country Environment - Case Study
Morris McInnes, Suffolk University
Lewis Shaw, Suffolk University

Income Tax Service Learning Opportunities: A Look at Alternative Models
Dennis W. Price, Samford University
Douglas L. Smith, Samford University

The Preferred Stock Dilemma of Appllo Technology: The Impact of SFAS #150
Loren Margheim, University of San Diego
Judith A. Hora, University
of San Diego
Timothy Kelley, University of San Diego

Using Experiential Learning to Teach Earnings Management: A Comprehensive Earnings Management Case
Marilyn Young, Belmont University


Volume 4, 2007

NAFTA Professional Mutual Recognition Agreements: Comparative Analysis of Accountancy Certification and Licensure
Lucia Peek, Western Illinois University
Maria Roxas, Central Connecticut States University
George Peek, Western Illinois University
Egbert McGraw, Université de Moncton
Yves Robichaud, Université Laurentienne
Jorge Castillo Villarreal, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

Student Demand for Distance Education Courses in Accounting
Kimberly Frank Charron, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Meihua Koo, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Optional Formative Assesment Tasks and Class Attendance: Their Impact on Student Performance
Peter Collett, University of Tasmania
Nikole Gyles, Deloitte and Touche
Sue Hrasky, University of Tasmania

Using Student-Centered Writing Assignment to Introduce Students to Accounting Research and Facilitate Interaction with Accounting Practitioners
James Lloyd Bierstaker, Villanova University


Volume 3, 2006

Using Action Research to Promote Increased Academic Success for Educationally Disadvantaged Students
C. Richard Baker, Adelphi University
Lawrence B. Logan, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Closing the Gap When Moving from UK GAAP to IFRS: A Case for the Introductory Financial Accounting Course
Barbara Charkey, Keene State College
Linda Hadden, Keene State College

Enron and Arthur Andersen: The Case of the Crooked E and the Fallen A
Gary M. Cunningham, Åbo Akademi University
Jean E. Harris, Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg Campus

An Exploratory Study Assessing the Effectiveness of a Professional Responsibility Course
Tara J. Shawver, King's College

Discerning Accounting and Non-Accounting Students' Perceptions in the First Course in Accounting as a Proxy for Separate Course Delivery
Charles A. Malgwi, Bentley College

Applying an Instructional Learning Efficiency Model to Determine the Most Efficient Feedback for Teaching Introductory Accounting
Abdel K. Halabi, Monash University Gippsland Campus

Accounting for Contingencies: Exploring Accounting Choice, Subjectivity, and Reporting Issues
Barbara M. Vinciguerra, Moravian College
Maria H. Sanchez, Rider University

Volume 2, 2005

Measurement of Earnings, Taxes and E-Commerce: The Case of Calypso Communication
Tracy S. Manly, University of Tulsa
Robert J. Walsh, Marist College
Constance A. McKnight, Arkansas Tech University

Earnings Management in the Context of Pension Accounting: A Case
Stephen R Moehrle, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Jennifer A. Reynolds-Moehrle, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Accounting Faculty Research Collaboration: A Study of Relationship Benefits and Gender Differences
Mary Jeanne Welsh, La Salle University
Wayne G. Bremser, Villanova University

A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Student Perceptions of Gender Diversity, Family Status and Hiring Practices in Spain and the United States
Elizabeth Dreike Almer, Portland State University
Richard G. Brody, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
John J. Masselli, Texas Tech University

The Effect of PowerPoint Presentations on Student Learning and Attitudes
Hossein Nouri, The College of New Jersey
Abdus Shahid, The College of New Jersey

Concept Mapping - Exploring Its Value as a Meaningful Learning Tool in Accounting Education
Jayne D. Maas, Loyola College in Maryland
Bruce A. Leauby, La Salle University

The Spanish Springs Casino Slot Revenue Recognition Case
John R. Mills, University of Nevada
Richard Mason, University of Nevada
Charles Carslaw, University of Nevada


Volume 1, 2004

Kelsey Hospital.
Arnold Schneider, Georgia Institute of Technology
John T. Large, University of South Florida

Vistavia Warehousing, Inc.
Arnold Schneider, Georgia Institute of Technology

Sustained Research Productivity in Accounting: A Study of the Senior Cohort.
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University

International Accounting Certification in the Russian Language: A Case Study
Robert W. McGee, Barry University
Galina G. Preobragenskaya, Omsk State University
Michael Tyler, Barry University